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Auld Lang Mayfair is Here!

Yay!! Book #13, the holiday novella that completes the Marcia Banks and Buddy Mysteries, is here!!

Available for Preorder now. Just 99 cents during Preorder; goes up after it releases on January 31, 2023.

AULD LANG MAYFAIR, A Marcia Banks and Buddy Mystery

Should auld acquaintance be forgot…

The last year has been eventful for Marcia and husband Will. They’ve successfully launched their private investigation agency and completed their family with an adorable but creatively energetic baby girl. Now, they’re about to ring in the New Year with friends and neighbors.

But there’s something more than champagne bubbling in Mayfair, Florida.

The octogenarian matriarch of the town is always looking for ways to boost the community’s economy. Her latest scheme is the addition of a row of shops along Main Street. But a few of her new tenants have something more nefarious in mind than simply selling their wares.

When old hostilities set off New Year’s fireworks, a shopkeeper ends up dead, and two friends of Marcia’s are prime suspects. Determined to clear them, Marcia and Will—with Buddy’s help, of course—set out to uncover the real Grim Reaper.



Reserve your copy now! Only 99 cents during Preorder!

To Bark or Not To Bark is Live!!

Woot! Woot! We are live!!

Only $2.99 for a very short time after today’s release; then it goes up to $4.99. So grab your copy now.

To Bark or Not To Bark, A Marcia Banks and Buddy Mystery, #12

Service dog trainer Marcia Banks tackles a locked room mystery in a haunted house, while training the recipient of her latest dog.

The border collie, Dolly has been trained to clear rooms for an agoraphobic Marine who was ambushed in a bombed-out building. But the phantom attackers in his psyche become the least of his troubles when Marcia finds his ex-wife’s corpse in his master bedroom, with the door bolted from the inside.

Was it suicide or murder? Marcia can’t see her client as a killer, but the local sheriff can.

Then the Marine reports hearing his ex calling for him to join her on the other side of the grave. Is his house really haunted, or is he hallucinating?

Bottom line: Marcia has lost a client to suicide before. She’s not going to lose another!

Available Now on:



Enjoy!!  Kass


One Flew Over the Chow-Chow’s Nest is Live!!

Woot!! The newest Marcia Banks and Buddy book is now live in ebook format.

Doing my happy dance!

Check it out!!!

One Flew Over the Chow-Chow’s Nest, Book #11

The world moves toward normal, but Marcia’s life is rarely “normal”…

When newly vaccinated Marcia Banks calls to finally schedule the human phase of training with her Air Force pilot client—the soon-to-be owner of a Chow-Husky service dog named Bear—she’s informed that the veteran has been in a private psychiatric hospital for months, with no one allowed to visit due to Covid.

Through her neighbor’s daughter, Sybil—a traveling nurse who has worked at the hospital—Marcia receives a message from the pilot implying he’s being held against his will. Should she believe him, or is he being paranoid?

Then suddenly he’s discharged, only to have his private plane crash in a fiery ball two days later. Convinced the crash is no coincidence, Marcia attempts to discover how her veteran client became the target of a murderer.

What she uncovers looks suspiciously like a scheme to defraud the Veterans’ Administration. But who is behind it…and did they sabotage her client’s plane? Or did the saboteur have a more personal motive?

And just how determined are they to silence Marcia and Sybil?

ONLY $2.99 for a few more days! Then it goes up to $4.99


And yes, I’m working on getting the paperback version out as well.

Also, working on putting together more collections and getting all the Buddy books out in audio eventually.

So stay tuned, Folks!!


Lord of the Fleas Is Live!! Plus an Ode To My Readers


Release Day has arrived. Yay!!

Lord of the Fleas is Live (in ebook form). Paperbacks will be available very soon!

And I’m blogging over on the misterio press website today about how much we writers love and need our readers. Stop over and check it out.


Lord of the Fleas book cover

Lord of the Fleas, A Marcia Banks and Buddy Mystery, #9

What could be more innocent than a country flea market?

When service dog trainer Marcia Banks takes up temporary residence with her best friend in Williston, Florida, her goals are simple: spoil her toddler godchildren and train her newest dog’s veteran owner, a vendor at a local flea market.

Ha, the universe has other plans. When the owner of the flea market is found dead and her client is a prime suspect, she discovers that nothing is as it seems—from the flea market owner himself, to the ornate dragonhead cane he gave to her client, to the beautiful but not very bright young woman whom her client has a crush on.

The only true innocent in the bunch seems to be her guileless client. But when he shares a confidence that puts her in a double bind with local law enforcement, she’s not sure she can even trust him.

Despite her promises to her new husband that she won’t “poke around” in the investigation, the only way out of her no-win dilemma seems to be to find the real killer herself.

The flea market, however, is hiding more secrets, and at least one of them could be deadly.

Available at these retailers ~ $2.99 through May 30th, goes up to $4.99 after that…






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