A couple of years ago, I woke up with a complete outline of a story in my head. This has happened to me before, but this one not only involved different characters from either of my mystery series, it was a somewhat different genre—romantic suspense.And it was very steamy!

The story wouldn’t let me go, so I wrote it. And then I decided that it needed a separate pen name, since it was so different from my other stories. Thus, Jessica Dale was born.

I also decided to do a sweet romance series under that name, which I dubbed The Unintended Consequences series.

The Unintended Consequences Romantic Suspense Series — Sweet Romance/Spine-Tingling Suspense:

Payback cover

PAYBACK, Book 1 in the Unintended Consequences Romantic Suspense  series

With strange fainting spells rattling James Fitzgerald’s sense of identity and complicating his acting career, he seeks solace at his country home in Virginia, once owned by his parents. But instead of a relaxing getaway with his closest friends, he walks into a bloodbath. And a cryptic message on a shower curtain points to him as the killer.

Carrie Johnson has hidden herself away in northern Virginia’s woods to escape an abusive husband. But her attempts to stay isolated from society are confounded by her attraction to her only neighbor, part-time resident James Fitzgerald.

Virtually under house arrest and struggling to resist his growing attraction to Carrie, James distracts himself by investigating his parents’ backgrounds, seeking an explanation for the fainting spells. Instead, he discovers some shocking truths about his family and himself and ends up wondering if he should have let sleeping ghosts lie.


Backlash cover


BACKLASH, Book 2 in the Unintended Consequences Romantic Suspense series:

James Fitzgerald and Carrie Johnson are taking it slow, getting to know each other as lovers instead of just neighbors, but slow is no longer an option when Carrie’s teenage son appears at her door.

They know her abusive husband won’t be far behind. He isn’t, and he brings with him more baggage than just his rage at the wife who ran away from him. With the help of a couple of ghosts, James struggles to protect Carrie and the boy.

But the danger is not only to their lives; the challenges thrown at them threaten to tear them apart and destroy Carrie’s hopes for a normal, happy life.



Backfire coming soon!

Binding Vows cover


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