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Fatal Escape is Live!

Book 2 in my new series, starring Judith Anderson from the Kate Huntington stories, is now LIVE!!

Check it out…

Fatal Escape, A C.o.P. on the Scene Mystery, #2

The criminals aren’t giving Chief of Police Judith Anderson much time to acclimate to Florida, or even to finish unpacking!

Only two months on the job and barely recovered from a serial killer case, the newly minted C.o.P. is called out to a scene of what looks like a suicide—an abandoned car on a bridge and a young woman’s body pulled from the river. But why is there no ID on her or in the car? And who wiped the fingerprints off the car doors?

With the help of “Sheriff Sam” from nearby Clover County, Judith’s search for answers leads to the discovery of a human trafficking ring operating in her city—and to the realization that she’s up against more than one ruthless foe, perhaps even someone on her own force.

Can Judith find a killer, weed out the corruption in her department, and stop the traffickers…before more lives are destroyed?

Fans of JA Jance’s Sheriff Joanna Brady and JD Robb’s Eve Dallas will love the second installment in this new series about a female chief of police!

$2.99 for a limited time ~ AVAILABLE ON:  AMAZON ~ APPLE ~ KOBO ~ NOOK ~ GOOGLE PLAY

Happy Reading!!

A New Marcia Banks and Buddy Collection Available!!

Collection III is Here!!! YAY!

And I just love this cover. Isn’t Susanna’s mini horse adorable?

Save $4 by comparison to individual book prices! Please tell your friends about this great deal.

The Marcia Banks and Buddy Collection III, Books 8-10

Even small towns can harbor a killer!

Another collection in this fun cozy series, starring service dog trainer, Marcia Banks and her four-legged best friend and mentor dog, Buddy.

In A Star-Spangled Mayfair, an impulsive fiancé, a “Mob Killer” Roman candle, and a bison bull named Tarzan are a recipe for disaster for Marcia’s introverted friend Jess Randall, owner of the Mayfair Diner. When Dan, her fiancé, offers their farm for the Mayfair Independence Day Extravaganza, then ends up with a Roman candle through his chest, Jess is the prime suspect. Marcia feels compelled to investigate to clear her friend…and to make sure Jess isn’t the next target.

In Lord of the Fleas, Marcia’s agenda while staying with her best (human) friend, Becky in Williston, Florida, is simple: spoil her godchildren and train her newest dog’s veteran owner, a vendor at the local flea market. But when the flea market’s owner is killed, her client is among the suspects. Marcia believes he’s innocent, but she soon finds that the flea market is hiding dangerous secrets.

In My Funny Mayfair Valentine, a charming newcomer makes a play for Susanna Mayfair, the sheltered niece of the town’s matriarch, and Aunt Edna begs Marcia to investigate the man’s past. Turns out he’s a wanted criminal, but he claims it’s a case of mistaken identity. While Marcia’s detective husband attempts to untangle the truth, Marcia worries about her friend’s mental health, unaware that she may be in physical danger as well. Will Marcia figure it out in time to protect Susanna…and herself?


OOPS! Word Press Just Outted Me

Hi all! You may have gotten an email earlier today with a post that perhaps shocked you. I was trying to figure out how to make that post private, for a particular blog fest I’m participating in next week, and I accidentally posted it.

You Did What meme

meme created via imgflip.com

So now that the news is out there, let me make the announcement I was going to make next month, when I had one more book out by Jessica Dale.

I’ve been leading a double life lately.

I woke up a few months ago with an entire new story in my head, with totally different characters from either of my mystery series. This story shocked me on many levels. One, it was a romantic suspense story. Two it was borderline erotica.

But my muse haunted me and wouldn’t let me ignore it, so I finally wrote the story down just to get it out of my head. And then I decided it was (1) a good story and (2) an important cautionary tale.

head shot of Jessica Dale

My alter ego, Jessica Dale

So I toned down the graphic stuff some, although it’s still pretty intense. And I published it under a new pen name, Jessica Dale.

Since then I’ve started another series under that pen name, called the Unintended Consequences romantic suspense series.

If you like my Kate Huntington books, you will probably like the Unintended Consequences (I should have come up with a shorter name!) stories as well. They have about the same level of on-screen sex and violence (and the occasional curse word).

Payback cover

(Book 1 is a rewrite of a Halloween story I wrote years ago, Echoes).

If you’re more a cozy mystery reader because you don’t like sex and gore on the written page (or swearing) then you may not like any of Jessica’s books, and you probably DON’T want to read Binding Choice and its prequel I’m currently working on. (But if you don’t mind the more graphic stuff, check it out.)

My deepest apologies to anyone who was offended by the earlier email re: the “oops” post (which I’ve since taken down and made private as I originally intended).

embarrassed meme

meme generated via imgflip.com

P.S. I am still most definitely writing mysteries too! I’m about halfway through the first draft of the last Kate book, POLICE PROTECTION. And I will be starting on the next Marcia Banks and Buddy cozy soon!

I’ve got a new dog! Help me name him.

(Note: If you get this post twice, my apologies. I recently moved my site to a new host and I’m testing some things.)

Hey, Everyone. I’ve got a new pup at my house. Well, he’s two so not so much a puppy anymore.

Pop on over to my Facebook page and vote for your favorite name for him. My original options were Toby, Sherlock or Copper. But many of my readers have offered other cool ideas.


At this point, the top runners are Toby, Sherlock, Rascal and Charlie Brown. But I’m still open to suggestions. Click HERE to join the fun!

Tips for Photographing Your Pets

I suspect my dog loving readers will enjoy this, by my cofounder of misterio press, Shannon Esposito…

1)      Background: Be aware of your background. Is there something behind your pet that’s distracting? If you want your pet to be the sole focus, you can use a neutral background like a plain wall, grass or window.

Tip: Use a wide aperture to create a shallow depth of field (like the example above). To do this, set your camera on “aperture priority” and set the aperture to the lowest f-stop number (ex: 1.4 or 2.8) This will blur the stuff in the background, so your pet will still be the focus of the shot with minimal noise. Just make sure your camera is focused on your pet’s eyes.


Read more…

Christmas Specials!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!!!  I have some specials for you ~ load up your own or a gift e-reader with seven great mysteries for just 2 dollars!!

Newest Special ~ Vacation/Murder in Paradise, The Kate on Vacation Cozy Mysteries Collection

ON SALE thru Christmas for just $0.99

MurderInParadise FINAL

Even on vacation, Kate Huntington can’t seem to stay out of trouble…

Travel to exotic places and solve intriguing mysteries, all without leaving the comfort of your favorite reading chair. Three stories from the Kate on Vacation cozy mystery series, all for the price of one.

An Unsaintly Season in St. Augustine ~ Even on vacation, Kate Huntington can’t seem to avoid other people’s troubles. While in St. Augustine, Florida for the Christmas holidays, she and her PI husband get caught up in trying to find a friend of Kate’s parents who’s gone missing. They soon discover that this isn’t just a case of a senior citizen wandering off. Can they reunite the elderly man with his wife before Christmas, or will others who mean him harm find him first?

Cruel Capers on the Caribbean ~ Join Kate for a Caribbean cruise and a locked room mystery. On board, she befriends socialite Cora Beall, who is having relationship problems. When Cora’s corpse is found in a cabin secured from the inside, the ship’s captain assumes it’s suicide. Kate is skeptical as the evidence points more and more toward murder. But how did the killer get out of the locked room?

Ten-Gallon Tensions in Texas ~ Town secrets, an old nemesis, and a corpse–what else will show up at Kate’s husband’s high school reunion in Texas? New disputes are heaped on top of old animosities, tempers flare and Skip ends up stumbling upon a dead body. Trying to uncover the murderer leads Kate and Skip to uncover some long-buried secrets instead, and their names just might end up on the killer’s must-die list.

Just $0.99 ~ for a limited time!

Amazon US:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01943DKQO
Amazon UK:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01943DKQO
Amazon CAhttp://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B01943DKQO
Amazon AUS:  http://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B01943DKQO
Apple:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id1066056867
Kobo:  https://store.kobobooks.com/en-us/ebook/murder-in-paradise-the-kate-on-vacation-cozy-mysteries-collection
Barnes & Noble:  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/murder-in-paradise-kassandra-lamb/1123117208;jsessionid=C66158F0882A0FAD5A0BDBDB97C17970.prodny_store01-atgap13?ean=2940152669008


ALSO ON SALE ~ For Just $0.99

Love and Marriage/Murder, A Kate Huntington Romantic Suspense Collection

LoveAndMarriageMurder FINAL

A Kate Huntington Romantic Suspense Thrillogy! These three books from the ongoing Kate Huntington mystery series follow Kate’s new love interest from the sweet budding of the romance to a major challenge that threatens to destroy their dreams.

Newly widowed Kate Huntington is sure that romance is a thing of the past for her. How could anyone replace her beloved husband? But when she reconnects with the hunk of a bodyguard who protected her from her late husband’s killer, she isn’t sure of anything anymore. The man is now a private investigator, and he’s just as drop-dead gorgeous as ever. But it’s way too soon after Eddie’s death.

There’s only one thing that P.I. Skip Canfield knows for sure. He’s fallen hard for the young widow Kate Huntington. What he doesn’t know is legion. Can his love banish the ghost of her dead husband? Can he win her despite the disapproval of her male best friend?

And most important of all, can he stop three killers bent on their destruction?

AMAZON US: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00XLSXX3Y/
AMAZON UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00XLSXX3Y/
AMAZON CA: http://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00XLSXX3Y/
AMAZON AU: http://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B00XLSXX3Y/
NOOK: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/love-and-murder-a-kate-huntington-romantic-suspense-collection-kassandra-lamb/1121917710?ean=2940151661638&itm=1&usri=2940151661638
APPLE: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id994635479
KOBO: https://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/love-and-murder-a-kate-huntington-romantic-suspense-collection

AND of course, Multiple Motives (Book 1 in the Kate Huntington Mysteries) is FREE!!

Now available for Nook for free as well!

Multiple Motives new cover

Over one hundred 5-star reviews on Amazon!

Psychotherapist Kate Huntington has a near-perfect life, until a killer rips it apart. She and her good friend, lawyer Rob Franklin, must determine who is holding a mutual and murderous grudge against them… and doesn’t seem to mind if others get caught in the crossfire.


I hope you and yours have a wonderful Holiday Season!!


Ten-Gallon Tensions in Texas is Now Live!!

Ten-Gallon Tensions in Texas, Book 3 in the Kate on Vacation series, is now live on Amazon and other retailers. Just 99¢ today only!!

book cover

It is now available on Amazon USAmazon UK,   Kobo,   Barnes & Noble,   Apple

Just 99¢ today! Goes up tomorrow.

An old nemesis, town secrets, a corpse–what else will show up at Skip’s high school reunion in Texas?

When Kate and her husband arrive in his hometown for the event, they discover that new disputes have been heaped on top of old animosities. Tempers flare, fists fly, and before the evening is out, Skip stumbles upon a dead body.

Fortunately the town’s sheriff is an old buddy of his, but will that keep him from becoming a prime suspect? Trying to uncover the real murderer leads Kate and Skip to uncover long-buried secrets instead, and their names just might end up on the killer’s must-die list.

Also #1 in the Kate on Vacation series, An Unsaintly Season in St. Augustine and #2, Cruel Capers on the Caribbean are only 99¢ each until the end of March.

Cruel Capers book cover


   Get all three novellas today for just $2.97!!

And the Winner is…

A quick note to announce that Rafflecopter has picked a winner for my Fatal Forty-Eight release contest.

Congrats to Stef B!!!

The keychain and the book you selected, plus $20 Amazon gift card, are on their way.


Plus, my Christmas novella is on sale until the end of the year for just 99 cents!!

Remember, books make great Christmas presents for readers! Buy any of my paperbacks on Amazon and get the ebook for yourself for just 99 cents!


book cover

Even on vacation, Kate Huntington can’t seem to avoid other people’s troubles. While in St. Augustine, Florida for the Christmas holidays, she and her PI husband get caught up in trying to find a friend of Kate’s parents who’s gone missing. They soon discover that this isn’t just a case of a senior citizen wandering off. Can they reunite the elderly man with his wife before Christmas, or will others who mean him harm find him first?


Lots of Exciting News!


Fatal 48 book cover

First, Fatal Forty-Eight is out in paperback. Yay!!

And if you buy a copy for a friend for Christmas, you can get an e-book version for yourself for just $0.99 on AMAZON



 Second, Multiple Motives is now FREE on Amazon and some other retailers!!


Multiple Motives new cover

So now you can tell your friends they have nothing to lose by trying out the Kate Huntington Mystery series.


And This Saturday, 12/6/2014, I will be in Bell, Florida for their Christmas Parade and Celebration. I’ll be signing books outside the library, so come look me up if you happen to be in that area!

(Oh, and check out the CONTEST below!  Just one more week to enter!!)

Happy Holidays!!


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