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Hubs is Hobbling Along (and Zero Hero is out in paperback)

My husband has been home from the hospital for almost a week now, with his new hip. Already he is able to take short walks, and his pain is so much less than it was before the surgery.

hubs with his walker

Being a caretaker is not as hard as I thought it would be, but it is time-consuming. So not much writing happening right now.

More on my thoughts regarding taking care of one’s spouse after surgery will be coming up in a couple weeks on my blog over at misterio press.

But I do have some book-related news. Zero Hero is out in paperback! I will have Multiple Motives out in paperback as well, as soon as the patient is a tad more self-sufficient.

Here’s the link for the paperback and Amazon has it discounted at the moment for just $7.52. Also you can get the e-book along with the paperback for only an additional $0.99 through Amazon’s new Matchbook program.

cover of Zero Hero

I’ll keep you posted on progress here at the Lambs!


Goldilocks Gets a Haircut

My son cut his hair. The last time he had a haircut he was thirteen. He’s now thirty-four.

My son's ponytail--almost to his waist.His hair loose from the front









(And yes, he is a priest–Episcopal, which is how I have grandchildren. 🙂 )

After all these years, everyone, myself included, assumed he would never cut it. Then I had a dream shortly before Christmas. I dreamt that we went to his house for Christmas (which is what we do since it’s easier than hauling the kids down to see us), and when he opened the door, his hair was short.


We laughed about the dream on Christmas day. Two days ago, he posted this on Facebook…

at the barber

He’d cut his hair and donated it to an organization that makes wigs for cancer patients. A very worthy cause and I’m proud of him…

the hair, about to go into the donation bag

 But seeing him with short hair is going to take some getting used to.

"after" from the front

From the front, not that different than when he had it tied back…
the "after" shot

…but from the side, very different!






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