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Lots of Exciting News!

Hey, EllieAnn, glad to have you hanging out with us!


FIRST:  Book 3, FAMILY FALLACIES, is scheduled to be launched on June 11th! I am going to be doing some major promoting now that I have these first three books out. Here is the awesome cover that Rebecca Swift designed for Book 3.



Book 4, CELEBRITY STATUS, will be out in early Fall, 2012, and COLLATERAL CASUALTIES soon thereafter.

SECOND, I have joined forces with another mystery writer, Shannon Esposito (Karma’s a Bitch, The Monarch), to form misterio press, an independent press dedicated to providing top-notch e-book mysteries. We are hand picking authors to join us (two have been invited so far). I am hosting a blog on our site www.misteriopress.com  Check out my Mother’s Day post, “Do You Believe in Ghosts?”

Thanks for your support!

Kass Lamb




Tweaked Multiple Motives cover


I tweaked the book cover for Multiple Motives a little, to make it a bit more mysterious.  What do you think?

Book 2 Now Available on Smashwords

ILL-TIMED ENTANGLEMENTS, Book 2 in the Kate Huntington mystery series, is now available in multiple e-reader formats at Smashwords.com. Here is the link:





ILL-TIMED ENTANGLEMENTS, Book 2 is published!

Book 2 in the series, ILL-TIMED ENTANGLEMENTS, is now available on Amazon and B&N:

 No good deed goes unpunished! When Kate Huntington agrees to help Rob Franklin’s elderly aunt with a problem, the “problem” ends up dead and Kate ends up in the middle of a police investigation. Kate’s second adventure in this series has a cozy mystery flavor, and a budding romance to spice things up (Click on ‘Novels’ above for a longer description).

Here are the links:



I hope to have Book 3 out by late April/early May.


Updates on Multiple Motives and the next 2 books in the series

The first book in the series, Multiple Motives, is now available at smashwords.com in various formats. This is a fun and fairly user-friendly site where you can find a lot of independently published books.

You can download Multiple Motives to your PC or e-reader, again at the introductory price of $2.99.

An update on Books 2 and 3 in the series:

The second book, Ill-Timed Entanglements, is now in the hands of my editor for final fine-tuning and my wonderful cover artist, Rebecca Swift, is working on another beautiful book cover. I hope to have this one available by late February or early March at the latest.

I am still polishing the third book, Family Fallacies, and hope to be uploading it very soon after Book 2. It picks up where the second book ends.

For previews of these books, click on the Novels tab above.

Thanks for your support! …Kass

Multiple Motives is now Live on B&N

Multiple Motives is now available at Barnes and Noble (if you have a Nook):


I will have it up on Smashwords.com in a few days for those who do not have an e-reader and would prefer to download a Word document to their PC.

It is just $2.99 at all locations.

Happy Holidays!






Book One is up on Amazon!

Hi Fans,

The first book in the Kate Huntington series, Multiple Motives, is now available on Amazon. Here is the link:

It will be live on Barnes and Noble soon and also available through Smashwords.com.

Please help me spread the word!

Love, Kass

Welcome to my website!

Dear Readers,

I am very excited about e-publishing my books and hope that you are enjoying them. I love to receive feedback so please feel free to comment here or use the ‘contact’ button above to send me a message.

Thanks so much for your support!

Kass Lamb

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