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Boxed Set Deal and Cover Reveal

The rhyming title was not intentional. LOL

Two BIG announcements:

First, my Collateral Casualties is part of a new boxed set from misterio press.  And it is ON SALE for just 99 cents!! Makes a great Christmas present for the mystery lovers on your list. They get to sample three new authors. All three books have at least a 4.5+ star average on Amazon reviews.

Women of Mystery boxed set cover


Just $0.99 (for a limited time).







AAANND, drumroll please… ZERO HERO is done!! Editing is complete. I’m doing one final proofread and then it will be time to publish. YAY!!!

I’m aiming for a December 10th release. I’ll keep you all posted. Meanwhile here is the cover, designed by the incredible Melinda VanLone:

cover of Zero Hero

 ZERO HERO, A Kate Huntington Mystery (#6):

On the 10th anniversary of 9/11 the media replays the videos of that day’s devastation, and a hero’s life begins to unravel.

When the first responder, already struggling with delayed PTSD and addiction, is accused of murdering his former drug dealer, psychotherapist Kate Huntington finds herself going above and beyond to help him. As she and her P.I. husband set out to clear him of the charges, they are thrust into a deadly world of drugs, prostitutes and hired killers, and end up questioning who they are and what it means to be brave.


Thanks so much for your support!! Yesterday, as I counted my blessings, I was particularly thankful to you all, my readers! You keep Kate and her gang alive!!


ECHOES is Out and Only $0.99 thru Nov. 4

creepy cover for Echoes, A Story of Suspense

My mystery/ghost story is now available on these e-retailers:


And it is ON SALE for the reduced price of $0.99 thru November 4!!

Here’s a short excerpt:

A silver-gray sedan was already parked under the bright red autumn leaves of the big maple next to the garage. Excitement and disappointment vied for dominance as James parked and got out of his own car. His friends had beat him here.

Why was the front door ajar? He nudged it open. No suitcases in the entranceway.

In the living room, the dust covers had been pulled off the furniture and dumped in a pile in a corner. James smiled. Annaleise had intentionally done this, he was sure. She wanted to make the place ready for him for a change. He went into the kitchen.

Yup. Three long-stemmed glasses sat on the table. No doubt two bottles of Chardonnay were chilling in the fridge.

James walked back into the living room. Was that a hint of lemon oil? He drew in a deep breath, then smiled again. The minx had polished the furniture!

“Annaleise! Charles! I’m here.”

No answer.

He climbed the stairs and dropped his duffel bag next to the door of his bedroom. The master bedroom, the room he reserved for his married friends, was down the hall. As he neared it, he hesitated. Maybe they were taking a nap, or ‘having a romp,’ as Annaleise called it.

James stopped in the middle of the hall and listened. The house was as silent as old houses ever are–only the normal faint creaks and moans. He took a step toward the door. It too was ajar.

His heart started pounding for no apparent reason. Then his brain registered the odor, sweet and coppery.

He pushed the door open, then breathed out a sigh of relief. They were lying on the bed, fully clothed and sound asleep.

He stepped forward to grab the doorknob and pull the door shut again.

The odor smacked him in the face. Then the colors on the far wall registered. The sunny yellow paint he’d applied four summers ago was streaked with orange and red.

This is a great HALLOWEEN read!!

Exciting News (and a sneak peek at a cover)!

Okay, fans of Kate Huntington may not be as excited about this as I am.

I woke up one morning a few months ago with an idea in my head for a story that was NOT about Kate.

Why is that exciting? Because the only fiction I’ve ever written were Kate Huntington stories. As much as I love Kate–and I very much intend to keep writing about her–it is quite reassuring to know that I will still be able to write when she gets too old to chase killers. 🙂

So I wrote the story, polished it, and now I am about to publish it. It’s a little bit creepy, has a ghost or two in it, and is quite suspenseful. I should have it out well before Halloween. (For once my timing is good!)

Here’s a sneak peek at the great cover Melinda VanLone (Book Cover Corner) developed for me. I love it!!

And the next Kate Huntington adventure will be out soon also.  Zero Hero is in its final polishing stages.

 creepy cover for Echoes, A Story of Suspense

 ECHOES, A Story of Suspense:

James Fitzgerald is looking forward to a weekend getaway with friends, at the country house that once belonged to his parents. Instead he walks in on a bloodbath. And a cryptic message on a shower curtain points to him as the killer.

The small town sheriff is smarter than he looks. He knows he doesn’t have enough evidence to make an arrest… yet.

Virtually under house arrest, James tries to distract himself from his grief and worry by investigating his parents’ backgrounds. Maybe he can find an explanation for the strange fainting spells he’s been having. He finds out more than he bargained for, and wonders if sometimes it’s better to let sleeping ghosts lie.




Book 5 is now live on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!! Woohoo!!!

And it’s already got a 5-star review from a reader. I’m speechless!

book cover of Collateral Casualties, A Kate Huntington Mystery (#5)

I’m doing a Tour of Fives Blog Tour (that actually started last Friday) to celebrate. I’ll have more details posted soon.

Official launch date is Thursday, June 6th, and one of the Fives posts will be on the misterio press site that day. Collateral Casualties will be on sale at an introductory price of $1.99 through June 12th.

This book took a long time to polish but the feedback I’ve gotten from early readers is that the time was well spent. Enjoy!

And thanks so much for your support!!

Kass Lamb

Oops! Almost forgot to put up the blurb:

When a former client reaches out to psychotherapist Kate Huntington and reveals a foreign diplomat’s dark secret, then dies of ‘natural causes’ just days later, Kate isn’t sure what to think. Was the man delusional or is she now privy to dangerous information?

Soon she discovers her client was totally sane… and he was murdered. Someone is now trying to eliminate her, and anyone and everyone she might have told. Forced into hiding, she and her husband, Skip, along with the operatives of his private investigating agency, struggle to stay one step ahead of a ruthless killer. Skip and his P.I. partner are good investigators, but this time they may be in over their heads… and they could all end up drowning in a sea of international intrigue.

This book, like all those in the series, is designed to work as a stand-alone as well.

Here are the links again:    AMAZON        BARNES & NOBLE


Drum roll please!!!

Here is the awesome cover for Book 5. It will be out in two to three weeks, and my beta readers tell me it is the best one yet. Below the cover is the blurb.

book cover of Collateral Casualties, A Kate Huntington Mystery (#5)


Told ya it was awesome! Thank you, Martina Dalton of The Authors’ Redroom.

COLLATERAL CASUALTIES, A Kate Huntington Mystery (Book 5)

When a former client reaches out to psychotherapist Kate Huntington and reveals a foreign diplomat’s dark secret, then dies of ‘natural causes’ just days later, Kate isn’t sure what to think. Was the man delusional or is she now privy to dangerous information?

Soon she discovers her client was totally sane… and he was murdered. Someone is now trying to eliminate her, and anyone and everyone she might have told. Forced into hiding, she and her husband, Skip, along with the operatives of his private investigating agency, struggle to stay one step ahead of a ruthless killer.

Skip and his P.I. partner are good investigators, but this time they may be in over their heads… and they all could end up drowning in this sea of international intrigue.


Like all the books in the series, this is also designed to work well as a stand-alone.

I’m currently hard at work on Book 6 (about two-thirds through first draft) and have started the next Kate on Vacation novella. I also have an outline for Book 7, but I’m resisting the temptation to work on it until I have the other two projects completed.


My Writer’s Retreat/Summer Cottage Got a Facelift!

My brother and I just spent a week in Maryland painting my little summer cottage up there.  Now it looks so cute, I can’t wait to go up for a writing retreat. I wrote the first draft of Celebrity Status up there two summers ago,  in less than a week! It’s amazing how much writing I can get done when it’s just me, my dog and my computer (with crappy internet so I can’t procrastinate on social media).

Here are the before, in progress and after pictures of the place:


BEFORE PIC OF LITTLE YELLOW HOUSEside of house before painted



some trim paintedsunroom painted

most of back painted



front of house, painted mint greensunroom finished

deck side finished


Isn’t it adorable?  I’m so pleased with how it came out!

The 1st Kate on Vacation Novella is Out

I am thrilled to announce my NEW RELEASE,

An UNSAINTLY SEASON in St. AUGUSTINE, A Kate on Vacation Mystery

(Note to Self: If you want to write a Christmas story, start in August, not November.)


book cover


I decided to go ahead and release this now for several reasons. One, although it’s set at Christmas time, it is not a Christmas story per se. It’s a mystery.

Two, chronologically in Kate Huntington’s life, this story falls between CELEBRITY STATUS (released last November) which occurs in Spring/Summer 2010, and COLLATERAL CASUALTIES (to be released soon) which occurs in the Fall of 2011.

Three, I really wanted to get this little parallel series of novellas about Kate’s adventures while on vacation off the ground. Because I have two more novellas in the series at least partially outlined: Cruel Capers on the Caribbean and Missing on Maui. (I am also diligently working on the next full-length novel, ZERO HERO.)


Even on vacation, Kate Huntington can’t seem to avoid other people’s troubles. While in St. Augustine, Florida for the Christmas holidays, she and her PI husband get caught up in trying to find a friend of Kate’s parents who’s gone missing. They soon discover that this isn’t just a case of a senior citizen wandering off. Can they reunite the elderly man with his wife before Christmas, or will others who mean him harm find him first?

This is the first of a series of novella-length mysteries with a cozy flavor to them. They feature the same characters from the Kate Huntington Mystery series. These are intended to be light, suspenseful reads that also allow the reader to travel vicariously to interesting and sometimes exotic places.

Available as an e-book for just $1.99 on:




Kass Lamb




I know a lot of my readers really love the ILL-TIMED ENTANGLEMENTS cover. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it.

BUT it doesn’t really match the other covers. When that book was published (Book 2) I hadn’t really established a pattern for the covers. But now…

So here is the brand new cover for ILL-TIMED, that makes it look more like a true member of the series, instead of the stepchild of the group. 🙂


new cover--man falling into spider web

cover design by Martina Dalton, The Authors Red Room


I love it! Hope you do too.



Welcome to My Site!

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Kass Lamb


Official Launch of CELEBRITY STATUS — We’re Having a Blast (and a Contest!)

CONGRATULATIONS to Erika Meyer who won my Book Blast Prize package! It will be coming your way soon, Erika.

It is finally the official Launch Day for CELEBRITY STATUS, and we are blasting, blogging and giving away goodies.

Celebrity Status cover

FIRST, Promotional Book Tours is doing a Book Blast for me, sponsoring my book on 50 blogs over the next two weeks and running a contest (see details below on how to win goodies; every person who enters gets a free e-book copy of Multiple Motives).

SECOND, in honor of the book’s launch, I’ve posted a somewhat tongue-in-cheek post over on the misterio press site  on The History of Emotions.  Hop over there and check it out!


Celebrity Status, A Kate Huntington Mystery

Kate is now married to Skip Canfield, the man who patiently courted her through the last two books in this mystery series, and life is good. Skip’s private investigating agency, Canfield and Hernandez, may be doing a little too well, however. They have attracted their first celebrity client, a pop singer whose anonymous stalker has a twisted concept of love. Before Skip realizes just how twisted, he involves first his psychotherapist wife and then their lawyer friend, Rob Franklin, in the case.

Soon they are being hounded by paparazzi and someone is planting evidence to convince Skip that Kate and Rob are lovers. As they try to protect their relationship and family from this onslaught of unwanted attention, as well as a stalker who will stop at  nothing to remove the obstacles in his path, Kate and Skip struggle with the reality that you can’t always keep those you love from harm.

About the Author

Author Kassandra Lamb

Writing and psychology have always vied for number one on Kassandra Lamb’s Greatest Passions list. In her youth, she had to make a decision between writing and paying the bills. Partial to electricity and food, she studied psychology. Now retired from a career as a psychotherapist and college professor, she spends most of her time in an alternate universe in which her protagonist, Kate Huntington, is always the kind, generous and insightful person that Kass wishes she was herself.

When not at her computer, transported in mind and spirit into Kate’s world, Kass lives in Florida and Maryland, with her husband and her Alaskan Husky, Amelia. She also hangs out a lot on Twitter and Facebook, so feel free to track her down there.


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