Here’s a clear (and somewhat passionate) description of what is and what is NOT a service dog…

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by V Parrott

a service dog

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A while ago, I was asked a question about making a dog a service dog. The person meant well so as I was explaining the process, others started listening in and I realized something. There is a huge misconception about what a service dog is, does and how they come to be. So this is my best attempt at explaining.

If you look up Service dog on the internet, 6 of the 8 sites that come up are about registering your dog as a service dog and taking your dog everywhere. It makes it seem like all you need to have a service “dog” is a decently trained pet (apparently the term dog can mean bird, snake, cat, turkey etc), some money, and abracadabra, your animal can go anywhere. Some of these sites are free, but most cost anywhere from $25-$150 for a service animal packet. Once this process is complete, most people think they are free to take their beloved pet anywhere they want. Sadly, these people are breaking the law. And while some realize it, others do not. Once again this is illegal and is not how you “get” a service dog.

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