MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!!!  I have some specials for you ~ load up your own or a gift e-reader with seven great mysteries for just 2 dollars!!

Newest Special ~ Vacation/Murder in Paradise, The Kate on Vacation Cozy Mysteries Collection

ON SALE thru Christmas for just $0.99

MurderInParadise FINAL

Even on vacation, Kate Huntington can’t seem to stay out of trouble…

Travel to exotic places and solve intriguing mysteries, all without leaving the comfort of your favorite reading chair. Three stories from the Kate on Vacation cozy mystery series, all for the price of one.

An Unsaintly Season in St. Augustine ~ Even on vacation, Kate Huntington can’t seem to avoid other people’s troubles. While in St. Augustine, Florida for the Christmas holidays, she and her PI husband get caught up in trying to find a friend of Kate’s parents who’s gone missing. They soon discover that this isn’t just a case of a senior citizen wandering off. Can they reunite the elderly man with his wife before Christmas, or will others who mean him harm find him first?

Cruel Capers on the Caribbean ~ Join Kate for a Caribbean cruise and a locked room mystery. On board, she befriends socialite Cora Beall, who is having relationship problems. When Cora’s corpse is found in a cabin secured from the inside, the ship’s captain assumes it’s suicide. Kate is skeptical as the evidence points more and more toward murder. But how did the killer get out of the locked room?

Ten-Gallon Tensions in Texas ~ Town secrets, an old nemesis, and a corpse–what else will show up at Kate’s husband’s high school reunion in Texas? New disputes are heaped on top of old animosities, tempers flare and Skip ends up stumbling upon a dead body. Trying to uncover the murderer leads Kate and Skip to uncover some long-buried secrets instead, and their names just might end up on the killer’s must-die list.

Just $0.99 ~ for a limited time!

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ALSO ON SALE ~ For Just $0.99

Love and Marriage/Murder, A Kate Huntington Romantic Suspense Collection

LoveAndMarriageMurder FINAL

A Kate Huntington Romantic Suspense Thrillogy! These three books from the ongoing Kate Huntington mystery series follow Kate’s new love interest from the sweet budding of the romance to a major challenge that threatens to destroy their dreams.

Newly widowed Kate Huntington is sure that romance is a thing of the past for her. How could anyone replace her beloved husband? But when she reconnects with the hunk of a bodyguard who protected her from her late husband’s killer, she isn’t sure of anything anymore. The man is now a private investigator, and he’s just as drop-dead gorgeous as ever. But it’s way too soon after Eddie’s death.

There’s only one thing that P.I. Skip Canfield knows for sure. He’s fallen hard for the young widow Kate Huntington. What he doesn’t know is legion. Can his love banish the ghost of her dead husband? Can he win her despite the disapproval of her male best friend?

And most important of all, can he stop three killers bent on their destruction?


AND of course, Multiple Motives (Book 1 in the Kate Huntington Mysteries) is FREE!!

Now available for Nook for free as well!

Multiple Motives new cover

Over one hundred 5-star reviews on Amazon!

Psychotherapist Kate Huntington has a near-perfect life, until a killer rips it apart. She and her good friend, lawyer Rob Franklin, must determine who is holding a mutual and murderous grudge against them… and doesn’t seem to mind if others get caught in the crossfire.


I hope you and yours have a wonderful Holiday Season!!