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Suicidal Suspicions Cover Reveal (you can preorder on Amazon, Kobo or Apple…and finally Barnes & Noble)

FINALLY!! Suicidal Suspicions, Book 8 in the Kate Huntington Mysteries is done!!

It’s now available for preorder on Amazon, Kobo and Apple (links below) and will be available elsewhere soon. Release day is Oct. 27th!!!

Melinda  VanLone of Book Cover Corner has produced another great cover. Tada!!

SuicidalSuspicions FINAL

SUICIDAL SUSPICIONS, A Kate Huntington Mystery, #8

Psychotherapist Kate Huntington is rocked to the core when one of her clients commits suicide. How can this be? The woman, who suffered from bipolar disorder, had been swinging toward a manic state. The client’s family blames Kate and they’re threatening to sue for malpractice. She can’t fault them since she blames herself. How could she have missed the signs?

Searching for answers for herself and the grieving parents, Kate discovers some details that don’t quite fit. Is it possible the client didn’t take her own life, or is that just wishful thinking? Questioning her professional judgement, and at times her own sanity, she feels compelled to investigate. What she finds stirs up her old ambivalence about the Catholic Church. Is her client’s death somehow related to her childhood parish?

When she senses that someone is following her, she wonders if she is truly losing it. Or is she getting dangerously close to someone’s secrets?





AND I have 10 Advanced Review Copies I’m giving away, to the first ten people who comment below (be sure to leave your email address). All I ask is that you write an honest review and post it on at least one major e-retailer on or soon after release day (Oct 27th).


  1. Barb Taub

    Stuff gets real. Can’t wait!

    • Kassandra Lamb

      It’s been a long time in coming. This one was hard to write.

      • Kourtnei Adams

        So excited. Can’t wait to read!!!

        • Kassandra Lamb

          I’m excited that you’re excited, Kourtnei! Just sent you an email.

  2. Jan

    What a great cover. I’m looking forward to reading your story.

    • Kassandra Lamb

      Thanks, Jan! Melinda gets all the credit for this one. I didn’t even have any concept in mind for the cover when she and I started on it.

      What format do you prefer, kindle, epub, PDF?

      • Jan

        If it was hard to write, it will be exciting to read. I do most all my reading on a Kindle.

        • Kassandra Lamb

          I hope so, Jan. My beta readers all loved it. We authors are too close to our work to know for sure how good it is. I’ll be sending these ARCs out soon.

  3. Vesper Meikle

    looking forward to reading this

  4. Vesper Meikle

    just in case my email didn’t show up – meikleblog at gmail dot com

    • Kassandra Lamb

      Got it, Vesper. What format do you prefer for your e-reader?

  5. Donna moore

    Can’t wait!!! Love this series!

    • Kassandra Lamb

      Yay! You scored an ARC, Donna! What format do you use for your e-reader?

      • Donna Moore

        I’m so excited! I never win anything! I use Kindle.

        • Donna Moore

          As soon as I download it to my Kindle, I promise to start reading right that second!

          • Kassandra Lamb

            Just sent it, Donna! Enjoy!

  6. Stephanie James

    Can’t wait to read the new book!!!!

    • Kassandra Lamb

      Boy, you didn’t mess around, Stephanie. I just sent out the newsletter! I’ve got you on the ARC list and will be sending them out soon.

      • Stephanie James

        Ha ha no I don’t mess around when I find something this good. I have the day off and plan to spend it getting lost in Kate’s world. Thank you so much!!!!

        • Kassandra Lamb

          😀 You are very welcome! So jealous. Wish I could take the day off and read.

  7. Bobby Woody

    Just finished the first book in this series. It was great. I really enjoy Kate’s insight and also the times she even questions herself. Look forward to reading more about her.

    • Kassandra Lamb

      Wow! So glad you enjoyed Multiple Motives. This book will jump you about ten years ahead in her life. Which format do you need?

  8. Sandra Wagner-Wright

    Suicidal Suspicions sounds like a great read. It will be my first Kate Huntington and I’m looking forward to it. Keep up the good work, as I know you do. I read off a Kindle. My email is sandraww@sandrawagnerwright.com

    • Kassandra Lamb

      Cool, Sandra. Thrilled to have you try out my series!

  9. Kassandra Lamb

    Requests are rolling in. Just three ARCs left!

  10. Ian Adams

    I only discovered Kate a month ago and now I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one. Just love them. More strength to you Kassandra.

    • Kassandra Lamb

      Wow, Ian! Thrilled to have you as a new Kate fan! Got you on the ARC list. What format do you need?

      • Ian Adams

        Wow, thanks Kassandra, epub (nook) is best for me. No pressure here, but have you started on number 9 yet?
        Best wishes from sunny Cornwall (UK). Ian

        • Kassandra Lamb

          Ha, no pressure, he says. Haven’t started 9 yet but I’ve got some ideas cooking. Just sent your ARC off. Enjoy!

  11. Ann Janssens

    Hoi Kassandra,

    You already know I’m a big fan and even if the book is half as good as the cover…
    Anyway, I have to go to the hospital for a week, would make my stay a lot less horrible!

    KR, Ann

    • Kassandra Lamb

      You’re in luck, Ann! I’ll send out the ARC very soon. And I’ll say a prayer that your hospital stay is uneventful and that you heal quickly.

  12. Victoria Rennesund

    Great news, cant wait to catch up with Kate’s adventures. My favourite format is a good old fashioned paper book but Kindle would be the next best!!

    • Kassandra Lamb

      You got the last one, Victoria! Yay! I’ll send that out soon.

  13. Kassandra Lamb

    And we’re done. The ARCs are gone! So sorry if you missed out. But you can preorder the book for just $1.99. Click on one of the links above.

  14. Kassandra Lamb

    Okay, I’ve sent out the ARCs to those who have given me their format preferences. Still need that info from Ian, Bobby, Donna, and Vesper. Thanks!

  15. Celia

    Love your books. Can’t wait for this new one

    • Kassandra Lamb

      Thanks, Celia! Sorry you missed out on an ARC. 🙁

  16. Pat

    I may not have gotten one of your free copies – but I can’t wait to read the new book. I am such a fan of “Kate” and have waited for the new book. Looking forward to the release date! ???

    • Kassandra Lamb

      Sorry you didn’t get an ARC, Pat! But thanks for sharing your excitement. It’s been so much fun today, interacting with you all. It’s helping me get through all the little annoying tasks involved in getting a new book launched.

  17. janet n

    ordered already…now waiting anxiously

    • Kassandra Lamb

      Thanks, Janet! I hope it’s worth the wait.

  18. Anne

    So looking forward to reading this new Kate Huntington mystery on my iphone!

  19. Kassandra Lamb

    Yay, Anne! Coming soon!

    I envy people who can read on their phones and don’t have to lug a tablet around. Print’s too small for my old eyes.

    • Anne

      Lol in setting I can increase the size of the print, these old eye need it!

      • Kassandra Lamb


  20. JoAnn Porter

    I love your books and the story line with Kate. I have read most all that I have found. I just found this today on my email about the new book and I can’t wait to get it and read it. I hope I have not missed any of your other books but this is the first time I received a notice about a new book. Thank You for letting me know and the great deal you offer on the pre sale price. That really helps especially with people like me on a very low fixed income. Thank You again JoAnn

  21. Kassandra Lamb

    Aw, thank you JoAnn. I’m delighted that you love the books. And I always try to give my loyal readers a bit of a price break on new books. You all keep me going!!

    If you click on “The Novels” above, it gives a list of the books and synopses. You can see if you’ve missed any. And then there are the 3 novellas under the Kate on Vacation button.

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