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MULTIPLE MOTIVES — New and Improved, just $0.99 (& it’s finally out in paperback!!)

ANNOUNCEMENT!! I’ve decided to keep MULTIPLE MOTIVES (e-book version) at $0.99 through at least the month of June. So now’s the time to tell your mystery-loving friends about my series.

Especially since I’ve gone back and updated the text. No, I didn’t change anything about the story or the characters. I just corrected some novice-writer goofs that were in there.

And finally I’ve got it out in paperback! Amazon has a new program (well, relatively new) called Matchbook. If you buy a paperback copy of Multiple Motives, you can get an e-book version for free! Any mystery lovers amongst your friends with birthdays coming up soon? Buy them the paperback, you keep the e-book!

Here are the BUY LINKS:

AMAZON               AMAZON (Paperback)                B&N Paperback

E-book also $0.99 on BARNES & NOBLE   and  KOBO.


And in case you haven’t seen it before, here’s it’s spiffy new cover!

Multiple Motives new cover

Thanks so much for all your support!!







  1. Hey, Kass, I just bought your book! Looking forward to reading it. Terri 🙂

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