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MULTIPLE MOTIVES — New and Improved, just $0.99 (& it’s finally out in paperback!!)

ANNOUNCEMENT!! I’ve decided to keep MULTIPLE MOTIVES (e-book version) at $0.99 through at least the month of June. So now’s the time to tell your mystery-loving friends about my series.

Especially since I’ve gone back and updated the text. No, I didn’t change anything about the story or the characters. I just corrected some novice-writer goofs that were in there.

And finally I’ve got it out in paperback! Amazon has a new program (well, relatively new) called Matchbook. If you buy a paperback copy of Multiple Motives, you can get an e-book version for free! Any mystery lovers amongst your friends with birthdays coming up soon? Buy them the paperback, you keep the e-book!

Here are the BUY LINKS:

AMAZON               AMAZON (Paperback)                B&N Paperback

E-book also $0.99 on BARNES & NOBLE   and  KOBO.


And in case you haven’t seen it before, here’s it’s spiffy new cover!

Multiple Motives new cover

Thanks so much for all your support!!







  1. Terri

    Hey, Kass, I just bought your book! Looking forward to reading it. Terri 🙂

    • Kassandra Lamb

      Cool, Terri! Hope you enjoy it.

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