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Hubs is Hobbling Along (and Zero Hero is out in paperback)

My husband has been home from the hospital for almost a week now, with his new hip. Already he is able to take short walks, and his pain is so much less than it was before the surgery.

hubs with his walker

Being a caretaker is not as hard as I thought it would be, but it is time-consuming. So not much writing happening right now.

More on my thoughts regarding taking care of one’s spouse after surgery will be coming up in a couple weeks on my blog over at misterio press.

But I do have some book-related news. Zero Hero is out in paperback! I will have Multiple Motives out in paperback as well, as soon as the patient is a tad more self-sufficient.

Here’s the link for the paperback and Amazon has it discounted at the moment for just $7.52. Also you can get the e-book along with the paperback for only an additional $0.99 through Amazon’s new Matchbook program.

cover of Zero Hero

I’ll keep you posted on progress here at the Lambs!




    Great news, Kass!

  2. K.B. Owen

    Go, hubster – lookin’ good! Congrats on the paperback, Kass, and hang in there!

  3. Kassandra Lamb

    Thanks, Dawn and Kathy. It gets easier every day.

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