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Goldilocks Gets a Haircut

My son cut his hair. The last time he had a haircut he was thirteen. He’s now thirty-four.

My son's ponytail--almost to his waist.His hair loose from the front









(And yes, he is a priest–Episcopal, which is how I have grandchildren. 🙂 )

After all these years, everyone, myself included, assumed he would never cut it. Then I had a dream shortly before Christmas. I dreamt that we went to his house for Christmas (which is what we do since it’s easier than hauling the kids down to see us), and when he opened the door, his hair was short.


We laughed about the dream on Christmas day. Two days ago, he posted this on Facebook…

at the barber

He’d cut his hair and donated it to an organization that makes wigs for cancer patients. A very worthy cause and I’m proud of him…

the hair, about to go into the donation bag

 But seeing him with short hair is going to take some getting used to.

"after" from the front

From the front, not that different than when he had it tied back…
the "after" shot

…but from the side, very different!






  1. Kristy K. James

    Very nice! I like long hair on some guys, and short hair on others. Your son managed both looks very nicely, though I still like the short hair a little more. Too cool about your dream. Proof that they do come true sometimes, right? 😀

    • Kassandra Lamb

      He does look pretty good with it short, doesn’t he? I’ve never seen him as an adult without the long hair. And ironically about the dream, it didn’t plant the seed. He said at Christmas that he’d been thinking about it. Maybe I picked up on those thoughts 800 some miles away.

  2. Donna

    He can let it grow back and keep it, or let it grow back and donate it again. Good work

    • Kassandra Lamb

      Donna, he’s talking about doing just that, letting it grow out and then donating it again. It took about 3-4 years for it to get that long the first time though, so we’ll see.

  3. Karen McFarland

    Well Kassandra, your son will save money on shampoo and conditioner. He does look nice with short hair and it was for a great cause. I’m sure it was a big change for him. 🙂

    • Kassandra Lamb

      A huge change, Karen. The long hair was part of his identity, but I think he’ll find many advantages to having it shorter. Less shampoo and conditioner is one (and easier to wash and dry). Not having so much hair for his little ones to grab and yank on will be another!

  4. Bonnie Hilligoss

    I think your son looks very handsome with his short hair and someone will definitely appreciate the donation!

    • Kassandra Lamb

      Thanks, Bonnie! I think he looks quite distinguished, which is a definite advantage in his field. And the picture doesn’t do it justice. His hair was really thick (like mine) so they may get two wigs out of it. It will feel good for him to know that someone’s spirits have gotten a good boost by having hair again!!

  5. Louise Behiel

    looks good both ways. lucky man, and lucky wife. what a big change

    • Kassandra Lamb

      Thanks, Louise. His wife had never seen him without the long hair, but she’s decided she likes it short too.

  6. shannon esposito

    That is cool about the dream! Your son looks a lot like you. I like the shorter hair and like the fact that someone is going to be uplifted by his gift.

    • Kassandra Lamb

      The dream was really cool, Shannon, and the fact that I even remembered it. I almost never remember my dreams, and when I do it usually means they are important.

      We get that a lot, that he looks like me. Ironically as a kid he looked more like his father, but when he hit puberty the genes from my side of the family seemed to take over.

  7. Irving Tucker

    Wow, I can’t remember what his hair looked like as a teen, but he looks very “fatherly” with his new haircut. So, haircut for him, new hip for your main squeeze, what’s next for you?

    • Kassandra Lamb

      Hopefully, settlement on the Maryland house, Irv. We have a contract. Waiting to hear about inspections. Meanwhile I’m trying to find space in Florida for all the things from that house that I’m not willing to part with. Some major sorting and chucking things out going on around here right now!

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