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Exciting News (and a sneak peek at a cover)!

Okay, fans of Kate Huntington may not be as excited about this as I am.

I woke up one morning a few months ago with an idea in my head for a story that was NOT about Kate.

Why is that exciting? Because the only fiction I’ve ever written were Kate Huntington stories. As much as I love Kate–and I very much intend to keep writing about her–it is quite reassuring to know that I will still be able to write when she gets too old to chase killers. 🙂

So I wrote the story, polished it, and now I am about to publish it. It’s a little bit creepy, has a ghost or two in it, and is quite suspenseful. I should have it out well before Halloween. (For once my timing is good!)

Here’s a sneak peek at the great cover Melinda VanLone (Book Cover Corner) developed for me. I love it!!

And the next Kate Huntington adventure will be out soon also.  Zero Hero is in its final polishing stages.

 creepy cover for Echoes, A Story of Suspense

 ECHOES, A Story of Suspense:

James Fitzgerald is looking forward to a weekend getaway with friends, at the country house that once belonged to his parents. Instead he walks in on a bloodbath. And a cryptic message on a shower curtain points to him as the killer.

The small town sheriff is smarter than he looks. He knows he doesn’t have enough evidence to make an arrest… yet.

Virtually under house arrest, James tries to distract himself from his grief and worry by investigating his parents’ backgrounds. Maybe he can find an explanation for the strange fainting spells he’s been having. He finds out more than he bargained for, and wonders if sometimes it’s better to let sleeping ghosts lie.



  1. K.B. Owen

    Kass, this is so cool – what an amazingly creepy cover, and terrific premise! Looking forward to reading it. 😀

  2. Winnie Nissley

    Love the cover. Didn’t see the face right away. It gives it even more mystery. Way to go, you are really on a roll. Best of luck with this one and all the rest.

    • Sue P.

      Same here with that face. I didn’t see it until I read your comment, Winnie. Definitely looks like another great book from Kassandra!

  3. Kassandra Lamb

    Glad you like it, Kathy! And great to hear from you, Winnie. Thanks so much for your support!!

  4. Sue P.

    The cover is very cool,Kass! And the story sounds terrific! Looking forward to reading this book!!

  5. Kassandra Lamb

    Thanks so much, Sue. I’m so excited, I’m downright giddy! I should have it out very, very soon.

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