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The 1st Kate on Vacation Novella is Out

I am thrilled to announce my NEW RELEASE,

An UNSAINTLY SEASON in St. AUGUSTINE, A Kate on Vacation Mystery

(Note to Self: If you want to write a Christmas story, start in August, not November.)


book cover


I decided to go ahead and release this now for several reasons. One, although it’s set at Christmas time, it is not a Christmas story per se. It’s a mystery.

Two, chronologically in Kate Huntington’s life, this story falls between CELEBRITY STATUS (released last November) which occurs in Spring/Summer 2010, and COLLATERAL CASUALTIES (to be released soon) which occurs in the Fall of 2011.

Three, I really wanted to get this little parallel series of novellas about Kate’s adventures while on vacation off the ground. Because I have two more novellas in the series at least partially outlined: Cruel Capers on the Caribbean and Missing on Maui. (I am also diligently working on the next full-length novel, ZERO HERO.)


Even on vacation, Kate Huntington can’t seem to avoid other people’s troubles. While in St. Augustine, Florida for the Christmas holidays, she and her PI husband get caught up in trying to find a friend of Kate’s parents who’s gone missing. They soon discover that this isn’t just a case of a senior citizen wandering off. Can they reunite the elderly man with his wife before Christmas, or will others who mean him harm find him first?

This is the first of a series of novella-length mysteries with a cozy flavor to them. They feature the same characters from the Kate Huntington Mystery series. These are intended to be light, suspenseful reads that also allow the reader to travel vicariously to interesting and sometimes exotic places.

Available as an e-book for just $1.99 on:




Kass Lamb




  1. K.B. Owen

    Wow, Kass, where do you find the time to write all of these at once? Congrats on the release of the novella! I’d love to see a post sometime (either here or on Misterio) about how writing a novella differs from writing a novel. I’ll bet a lot of writing folks would, too!


  2. Rhonda Hopkins

    Congrats on the latest, Kass! I can’t wait to read it. Kathy has a great idea about blogging about the difference between a novella and a novel. I’d love to see you post something like that. 🙂

  3. Kassandra Lamb

    The problem is that I’m no expert on that subject, since this is my first novella. But thanks for the vote of confidence, Kathy & Rhonda!

  4. Lynn Kelley

    Congrats on the release of your novella, Kassandra. I was thinking the same thing as Kathy, how prolific you are! Novellas are quite popular now, so you go, girl! Woot!

    • Kassandra Lamb

      Thanks, Lynn! I actually started writing this last fall because I was at a sticking point in my next full-length novel, so I figured I’d have some fun for awhile and come back to it. The strategy worked. Words are flowing again!

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