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Lots of Exciting News!

Hey, EllieAnn, glad to have you hanging out with us!


FIRST:  Book 3, FAMILY FALLACIES, is scheduled to be launched on June 11th! I am going to be doing some major promoting now that I have these first three books out. Here is the awesome cover that Rebecca Swift designed for Book 3.



Book 4, CELEBRITY STATUS, will be out in early Fall, 2012, and COLLATERAL CASUALTIES soon thereafter.

SECOND, I have joined forces with another mystery writer, Shannon Esposito (Karma’s a Bitch, The Monarch), to form misterio press, an independent press dedicated to providing top-notch e-book mysteries. We are hand picking authors to join us (two have been invited so far). I am hosting a blog on our site www.misteriopress.com  Check out my Mother’s Day post, “Do You Believe in Ghosts?”

Thanks for your support!

Kass Lamb





  1. August McLaughlin

    Congrats on your upcoming release and new press, Kassandra! Misterio sounds fabulous. I’ve no doubt that you and Shannon make a great pair!

    • kassandralamb

      Thanks, August! We’re pretty psyched about it all. Did you check out mp’s site? Isn’t it awesome? Shannon is so talented.

    • Roxanna

      This is just the perfect answer for all of us

      • Kassandra Lamb

        Hi Roxanna,

        It’s been four years now since we started misterio press. We have five authors total at the moment. It has worked out really well. But we learned the hard way to pick authors not just who can write well but who play well with others. 🙂

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